Thornton Park Chocolate Labradors


Thornton Park is located in the beautiful Lockyer Valley. We are about one and a half hours west of Brisbane. We are a small, family orientated breeder. We run a cattle stud so our dogs are very much part of the farm life. They spend all of their days outside doing farm jobs such as mustering cattle, moving sheep, reparing fences etc. Whenever the ATV is turned on they are right beside us so they are extremely fit as well.

Just some of the gang…not sure where they expect me to fit!

Our labs are very much loved and are such a part of our family. They are always surrounded by children and grandchildren with lots of cuddles, love and attention. We feel this is vital to producing a well adjusted dog for your families needs. They need lots of human interaction and that’s exactly what they get with us.

All of our dogs are hip and elbow scored, have been tested for PRA and EIC. We avail ourselves of the scientific tools to help improve the genetic makeup of our dogs and produce sound progeny. We don’t show our dogs…we are too busy showing cows but we do breed genetically sound quality dogs.