Testimonials Chocolate Labradors

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Lexi is an amazing girl … She has amazing conformation. Her top line is really flat and her otter tail is something to be reckoned with. She likes to be in charge and when she gets in trouble she always wants to shake hands on it. How can i tell her off when she wants shake hands for me to forgive. We just love her to bits she truly is a beautiful girl and she can run pretty fast as well. She is very alert and listens to everything we say to her. I could go on with a few stories –perhaps some other time. Ballingarlabs. WA. 14.05.14
Just letting you know that Amber and ourselves all arrived tired but safely home last night.
Was one long day and I would like to congratulate you on breeding beautiful lab puppies and we are very happy with Amber. 24.05.14
Hi Margo….My family and I bought one of Cadbury’s puppies from you in March, 2007. She had been named “Sunshine”  by your family and she then inherited the name “Coco”. She is the most beautiful dog and has such a friendly, good nature. We all adore her and have been thinking of getting her a friend for a while. I am wondering whether you are still breeding? I would love to get another chocolate puppy from you if you are!!
Kind regards, Danielle  13.3.13
Hi Margo….. Mum told me that she ran into you recently and I realised that I had always intended but never got around to sending you a photo of our lab Monty.  We purchased Monty from you 3 ½ yrs ago and is a much beloved member of our family.  He is full of fun and always up for cuddles, fetch, walks and learning new tricks.  3 photos attached showing his lovely smile ( I know people think dogs can’t smile but this photo proves otherwise!), celebrating a birthday last year and his joy at getting a treat last xmas. Thanks for sending Monty our way. Regards Tania 15.4.12

 Thanks Margo Yes, she is settling and the girl is an outstanding specimen in all respects. David. 10.06.12

Hello Margo, This is Willow. She came to us on 3rd November 2009 and she flew to Perth with her sister, who, I believe, went to live in Bunbury. She has been the most perfect Labrador ever. She has never chewed or destroyed any of our things. She was obedient from the start and has learnt anything we have taught her quickly. She is an absolute treasure and we adore her. She gets to walk twice a day, loves going out in the car, rough housing with my husband, she especially loves swimming and she adores our grandchildren. She plays really well with the 8 and 6 year olds and is very gentle and watches over the 1 year old. Everyone who meets her comments on how well behaved and kind natured she is. I wanted to thank you for Willow and hope you like the pictures of her. Kathy 12.12.10
Hi,  I just wanted to send you a recent photo of Max (Golden Retriever) and Koko (Choc Labrador) who are both just over 12 months old. They are the best of friends and very much loved! Susie 06.10.09
Hi Margo..Here is a photo of our big beautiful lab.  He is growing every day.  He destroys toys in a matter of fact way and those that a a bit soft and cuddly become his special friends.  He sleeps through the night thanks to his hottie and eats his meals in a matter of minutes.  He is loving all the veg and mince and egg, chicken necks and wings. The vet thought him extremely handsome and loved that he is so big.  She felt that labs should be big and that too many are scrawny and from puppy farms. Best wishes and Toby says “Hi”. 17.07.11
Molly is such a gorgeous dog, you really couldn’t have picked a better fit for our family! Alicia 10.6.11
Hi Margo, We purchased a puppy from you in June 2010 named Louie. I just thought you may appreciate a few photos of his development. He is now a very popular member of the Kedron community and a real character. He looks like his mother. Thanks for the fine 8 week up-bringing!
Myla is doing very well. She is a great dog with a brilliant temperament. She gets along well with our little girl and it is amasing how obedient she is for her age. My lawn will never be the same again but that is a small price to pay. Fransco 22.2.10